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Download Image

When you split animation, modify animation, or create animation you need to download it to your machine.
The standard way to download image is: 
  1. Windows -- Right click on the image and then "Save Picture As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Image As" (Netscape).
  2. MacIntosh -- Hold the mouse button on image, then choose "save image as".

However, you must wait until image is fully downloaded by your browser. For large files it may take time.

Also you may use alternative method -- link Alternative method to downloadDownload.
It's safe and fast method, which you can use any time, even before image appeared on the screen.

This way has one disadvantage: System saves file with default name -- "anima.gif", which you can rename to any other.

Link Alternative method to downloadDownload can be used to download any image from the list of Animation palette.
Not all files have this link. It'll be shown for images created by website.

You can download any frame of the animation
Transparent Color    Set Background         Alternative method to downloadDownload

Also use it to download the result - animated gif:

Size: 10527
width: 20
height: 20
view: 100%
Download this animation
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