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Set loop count to animated GIF image

Loop Count means Animation Repetition, it is a number of times animation will repeat itself. Animation with loop count=1 will run twice: once while downloading and once to repeat. When animation finished browser displays last frame.

GIF file structure allows you to set the number of repetition for browser (or other container) to run in a loop. You can configure it to run it infinitely.
You can set loop count by value from the "Loop Count" list to specify how many times the animation sequence repeats itself when played.

It could be "Forever" (infinite loop) or any number from the list. However, unless your animation is incredibly short, people probably don't want to see it more than 20 times.

Loop count:  File name: 


To specify looping:

  1.  Select the value from "Loop count" selection box  at the lower left corner of the page.
  2.  Click "Create Animation" Button to create Animation

There are also button "Update", which you can use to save "Loop Cont" without create animation.

Loop count=1 >> Animation looping. Loop count equals 1
Animation looping. Animation running forever (having infinity loop - loop count equals 0) Loop count is
<< "Forever"
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