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Split animation into Frames

An animated GIF contains 2 or more frames that are played back in sequence by an Internet browser or other program capable of displaying animated GIFs.

Some times to modify animation you need to have each or some of frames separately. You may also need to insert image or even entire animation into it. For these purposes you may need to split animation into frames. Animation Palette allows to split any uploaded GIF image if it is animation. System will automatically detect it and how many frames are included into GIF file. This number will be shown together with checkbox "Split?"
10 frames Split?
Size: 10594
width: 20
height: 20
view: 100%

Animation to split


Frames after split:

Split animation -- First frame Split animation -- Second frame
Split animation -- Third frame Split animation -- Fourth frame
Split animation -- Fifth image Split animation -- Sixth frame
Split animation -- Seventh frame Split animation -- Eighth frame
Split animation -- Nineth frame Split animation -- Tenth frame

To split animation into frames:

1. Carefully read this instruction
2. Go to Animation Palette
3. Upload your animated GIF image
4. Click on checkbox "Split"
5. Then click button "Update List"

It's easy, quick and convenient!

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