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Create Scrolling Text from Text File

Animine allows you to design your text scroller during text file upload.

How to do this? Here your steps are:
  • Find the text file on your computer with button "Browse" or type the full path in textbox.
  • Click button "Add". Wait for Popup window.
  • Pop up window with font parameters and image dimensions will be opened. Scroll Text. Font parameters and image dimensions.
  • Configure the text scroller by changing the text color, font parameters and dimensions of the animated GIF image.
  • Click "Submit" and wait for result. Please be patient, it may take awhile...
The animation received has next specific:
  • Animation is transparent.
  • Number of frames about 100.
  • Long lines will not be truncated if image width is small, system will put text to the next line.
  • A larger file you upload, a faster image scrolls the text. System will truncate very large text files to reasonable size.
You can convert txt file, that means your text file must have .txt extension. If your file has another extension you have to rename it.
Example (image has borders):
Scroll Text. Animation scrolls the text from a text file.
If in your text file you use TABs for alignment use font "Courier" to keep alignment!
Ready? Just upload text file and have vertical scrolled text in your animation.

Note: A larger file you upload, a longer time you wait.

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